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Metropolitan Police Department Adopts Proposal Made by Police Complaints Board

Friday, October 19, 2007

(Washington, DC) The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) recently launched “Operation Full Stride,” which is a new initiative designed to increase police presence and improve community policing by using more foot patrol officers.  A key element of the program will require 200 officers to go door-to-door throughout the community handing out business cards with their name, telephone number, supervisors’ names, and other contact information. 

In July 2006, the Police Complaints Board (PCB), the governing body of the Office of Police Complaints (OPC), recommended in a report to city officials that MPD issue business cards to its officers.  PCB’s recommendation was based, in part, on the fact that OPC had received several complaints alleging that officers failed to wear or display required identification or refused to identify themselves when asked by member of the public.

Beyond the complaints, however, PCB observed in its report that “providing officers with business cards will improve community policing in the District by assisting officers with identifying themselves in the neighborhoods in which they work and fostering relationships with the public so that citizens will have law enforcement officials to whom they can ask questions, provide information, or report crimes.”

In late 2006, MPD partially adopted PCB’s recommendation by creating generic cards that officers could use, but the Department did not make the use of cards mandatory.  Operation Full Stride goes further in adopting the proposal to make business cards a tool that 200 officers will now be using to connect with the community. 

“MPD’s new initiative will enhance the relationship between District residents and local officers,” said Philip K. Eure, executive director of OPC. “Having taken this step, we hope that MPD will go further and require that all 3,800 of its officers carry business cards.”

For more information about Operation Full Stride, click on the link below:

To view a full copy of PCB's report and recommendations, click on the link below: