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Staff Information

OPC operates under the supervision of its executive director, who is appointed by the Board.  The executive director is assisted with the management of OPC by a deputy director, chief investigator, assistant chief investigator, and special assistant.  The office has its own investigative staff, which currently consists of two lead investigators, two senior investigators, six investigators, and a paralegal specialist.  The management team and investigative staff are assisted by an administrative officer, public affairs specialist, staff assistant, and investigative clerk/receptionist.  In addition, OPC has developed an internship program that brings in college and law students year-round to assist the staff with its regular duties and special projects.  Overall, the agency has worked to recruit a very talented and racially and ethnically diverse staff.  OPC’s staff includes eight employees, or 42%, with graduate or law degrees, and five attorneys.  The diversity of the office generally mirrors the District’s population, and includes a staff that is 58% African-American, 32% white, 5% Latino, and 5% multiracial. 

OPC staff development and training are a high priority for the agency.  All employees go through a training program that instructs them on the goals and purpose of the office, as well as the specific functions related to their jobs.  Investigators attend training provided by MPD’s Institute of Police Science, John E. Reid and Associates, and the Institute of Police Technology and Management at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida.  In addition, all staff members are eligible for, and encouraged to attend, training programs and courses offered through the District Government’s Center for Workforce Development, as well as other specialized training given by private entities and other District or federal agencies.  The specific training described above is supplemented by bi-weekly staff meetings and weekly investigator meetings where the staff discusses different issues that arise in carrying out OPC’s work.