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office of police complaints

Office of Police Complaints

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Statute and Regulations


The District statute establishing the Office of Citizen Complaint Review and its governing Citizen Complaint Review Board was enacted in 1999. In 2004, the office and the board body were renamed the Office of Police Complaints (OPC) and the Police Complaints Board (PCB).  

The enabling statute for OPC can be found on the District of Columbia Official Code website.  You can find the information under Title 5,  Chapter 11Subchapter 1. "Police Complaints Board; Office of Police Complaints."

The PCB and OPC were established on March 26, 1999 by the Council of the District of Columbia in the Office of Citizen Complaint Review Establishment Act of 1998.  Administrative Rules were originally enacted on August 30, 2002.  These Administrative Rules were amended effective December 15, 2017. You can access the current OPC Administrative Rules here.